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  • - Post-print varnish
  • - Opaque Varnish
  • Suitable for all recycle paper (low quality of surface treatment)

  • - Clear Varnish
  • Suitable for virgin paper (high grade of seizing)

    Designed for fine screen print applications


  • - Preprint Varnish
  • Special formula has been designed for preprint application with high heat resistance up to 180 C

    All of the Varnish types suitable for all kind of metering

    Ink system (rubber roll & chambered Dr. Blade)


  • - Water-based overprint varnishes
  • We produce high-quality water-based overprint varnishes for graphic arts applications to be used as overprint coating layer

  • Over the years we were able to develop water-based ink formulations that can print on wide range of surfaces and films some are extremely challenging