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For our customers who consume extensive amounts of ink & require a wide range of colors, we offer our most up-to-date ink factory that can be installed at customer facility and can be smoothly operated by any of his employees after a very brief training.

The entire system (hardware – software) has produced by ECAT team.

With few buttons to push, the ink kitchen or dispensing system along with our high-quality color concentrates varnishes and additives user can produce high-quality ink at his preferred color, quantity and convenient time, with the basic 9 colors

Pigments up to 5000 colors can be produced.

The system is fully controlled by a computer program that is extremely reliable accurate and totally user-friendly.

In a nutshell, it provides you with quality ink at an extreme accuracy and substantial cost saving all at your fingertips and affordable price.


  • Why dispensing system?
  • - Quality

/ Freshly produced ink

/ Exact match to required colors and production environment

/ Flawless production – just in time delivery – 24 hours supply

/ Consistent ink quality


  • - Convenience

/ No more purchase orders, follow up or documentation

/ No more stock management and handling

/ No more rework- formulas are stored on computer with all details even the batch quality

/ System maintenance is available

/ Software can be in Arabic or English interface

/ Batter employee safety and environmental working conditions

/ One batch can be as low as 200: 20


  • - Cost-effectiveness

/ Save supplier production cost

/ From an economical 9 basic color ingredients, you can produce up to 5000 ink colors.

/ Production of the exact needed ink quantity no waste

/ Using waste ink by re-use of the returned inks

/ Low cost of system maintenance, non –expensive spare parts