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Selling flexo water-based ink 

By ECAT expertise 

Flexo Water-based ink is one of the types of printing ink which uses in carton Boxes printing and cement sacks which is means, the users of flexo water-based ink are the organizations in another meaning, selling flexo water-based ink is B2B type, so selling product like flexo water-based ink becomes not easy because you are dealing with organizations has policy in purchasing.
Flexo Water-based ink has some physical and chemical properties should the seller of know it well to be able to present his product to the customer in proficiently way specially the buyer has good knowledge about what he purchases, also there are many applications of water-based ink in another meaning a lot of users of flexo water-based ink like corrugated carton printers, cement sacks manufacturers, tissue paper manufacturers,….


knowing the characteristics

Seller of flexo water-based ink as we mentioned should know more about characteristics of flexo water-based ink especially physical properties which act the main factors during printing like viscosity, color strength, specific gravity and so on,
 Because of the users of flexo water-based ink want to discuss all these details and features with the seller that’s why should his ability to discuss this technical information so, nowadays most of the water-based producers insist to train selling staff technically to able to talk not only talk but solve problems sometimes which face the users of water-based flexo ink .
On another hand, the seller of flexo water-based ink should have talent and should attend some training to improve his ability to present and improve his skills in selling.
Collecting data about flexo water-based ink users become very easy by using internet, social media, associations, trading and industrial chambers.


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