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Selling flexo water based ink  By ecat expertise  Felxo Water based ink is one of types of printing ink which uses in carton Boxes printing and cement sacks which is means, the users of flexo water based ink are the organizations in another meaning, selling flexo water based ink is B2B type, so selling product like flexo water based ink becomes not easy because you are dealing with organizations has policy in purchasing. Flexo Water based ink has some physical and chemical properties should the seller of know it well to be able to present his product to the customer in proficiently way specially the buyer has good knowledge about what he purchase, also there are many applications of water based ink in another meaning the a lot of users of flexo water based ink like corrugated carton printers, cement sacks manufacturers, tissue paper manufacturers,…. knowing the characteristics Seller of flexo water based ink as we mentioned should know more about characteristics of flexo water based ink specially physical properties which act the main factors during printing like viscosity, color strength, specific gravity and so on,  Because of the users of flexo water based ink want to discuss all these details and features with the seller that’s why should has ability to discuss these technical information so, now days most of water based producers insist to train selling staff technically to able to talk not only talk but solve problems sometime which face the users of water based flexo ink . On other hand the seller of flexo water based ink should has talent and should attend some training to improve his ability to present and improve his skills in selling. Collecting data abut flexo water based ink users become very easy by using internet, social media, associations, trading and industrial chambers.

What are the main features should be involved in selected flexo plates or flexo cyrel for water based ink? By ecat expertise the flexo plates is thing that help you to print the image and text sharper  Durability: to keep continue producing your order without any changes for your long run.  Dimensional Stability: to obtain the actual sizes for your prepared design. Productivity: to select your flexo plate that matching your orders for qualitative & quantitative.  Image Quality: type of selected flexo Cyrel or flexo plate for printing your design either it was central drum flexo printing machine,in line flexo printing machine or stack flexo printing machine, should match the quality of final printing you are looking to obtain depending on your fine quality, sharp dots & expressive final result for your graphic art. Safety points that should be taken while engraving flexo plates or flexo cyrel  that being used during flexographic printing. – safety glasses  - Gloves as a protector in the engraving room which better to be manufactured from leather to save you from used solutions & has the ability of chemical resistance – respirators  • Ultraviolet protector like welding shields. Plate Cleaning after printing: After printing & finalizing your order, you will go to dismount your printing plate or flexo cyrel. You can doing cleaning by using a special brush which made from horse hair to be able to avoid surface damage of printing plate. You can use a special ready solution for cleaning from some different companies whom are specialized in printing cleaning solutions. Or using undiluted solvent as following depending on the types of used inks. Water based Inks. • Alkaline water with a small amount liquid detergent. Solvent  based Inks. • Undiluted alcohols Ultraviolet Inks • Undiluted alcohol After cleaning, you have to keep it wrapped or covered by a particular type of paper to avoid accumulated dust or any other external environmental factors.  

How to print by using water based felxo ink    Water based flexo ink is one of printing inks which use in printing widely uses in many applications such as corrugated carton boxes ,cement Kraft sacks, shopping bags, tissue paper and many applications for food used like pizza boxes ,sandwiches ,paper cups  Because water based flexo ink is friendly effect wit environment with very limited effect of pollution that’s why many countries prefers now to use water based flexo ink in many application instead of solvent based ink specially in Europe. Also this type of printing can use nowadays for food usage like pizza boxes fast food meals in many countries so the type of ink should select carefully, water based flexo ink should be food approved to be suitable for this type of applications also ISO 22000 is the certificate which must the manufacturer if water based flexo in has to be sure that your ink which use in printing is suitable for this uses. Easily you can used water based flexo ink in printing also you can dilute and wash the machine by water in other side solvent based in should dilute by solvent also washing all parts of machine by solvent which has very bad effecton users health Flexo water based ink become more common because most of countries nowadays puts a lot of restrictions for using solvents ink in industry, and due to water based flexo ink soluble in water becomes friendly with environment, so the uses of water based ink increased and now is using for printing plastic films to avoid using solvent based ink but still facing some technical problems in drying and adhesion power because substrates not absorbent substrates as Kraft paper ,but they are trying to use special types of varnishes and using low speed machines with dryers . The main idea of Water based flexo ink printing technology depending on transferring the ink from the machine parts, Anilox with doctor blade to substrate with image of printing,so the formulation of water based ink should has some component to have good Image also Anilox roller cells number is important in printing process.