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How to print by using water-based flexo ink    Water-based flexo ink is one of printing inks which use in printing widely uses in many applications such as corrugated carton boxes, cement Kraft sacks, shopping bags, tissue paper and many applications for food used like pizza boxes, sandwiches, paper cups  Because water-based flexo ink is friendly effect wit environment with a very limited effect of pollution that’s why many countries prefer now to use water-based flexo ink in many application instead of solvent-based ink especially in Europe. Also this type of printing can use nowadays for food usage like pizza boxes fast food meals in many countries so the type of ink should select carefully, water-based flexo ink should be food approved to be suitable for this type of applications also ISO 22000 is the certificate which must the manufacturer if water-based flexo in has to be sure that your ink which uses in printing is suitable for this uses. Easily you can use water-based flexo ink in printing also you can dilute and wash the machine by water in other side solvent based in should dilute by solvent also washing all parts of machine by solvent which has very bad effect on users health Flexo water-based ink become more common because most of the countries nowadays put a lot of restrictions for using solvents ink in industry, and due to water-based flexo ink soluble in water becomes friendly with environment, so the uses of water-based ink increased and now is using for printing plastic films to avoid using solvent-based ink but still facing some technical problems in drying and adhesion power because substrates not absorbent substrates as Kraft paper, but they are trying to use special types of varnishes and using low-speed machines with dryers . The main idea of Water-based flexo ink printing technology depending on transferring the ink from the machine parts, Anilox with a doctor blade to substrate with an image of printing, so the formulation of water-based ink should have some component to have good Image also Anilox roller cells number is important in the printing process.

Characteristics of Water-Based flexo ink  By ECAT expertise Water-based flexo ink has many of Characteristics, some of these Characteristic are physical and other are chemical because printing by using water-based flexo ink become one of most important type of ink due to,flexo water-based ink hasn’t bad effect on environment especially, during production of water-based flexo ink or during printing by using water-based flexo ink. We can classify the flexo ink characteristic into physical Characteristic like viscosity, appearance, odor, liquidity, glossy, drying time ….etc. And chemical Characteristic, like PH, chemical composition, solubility,…etc. evaluating water-based flexo ink Each one of the previous Characteristic is very important in evaluating water-based flexo ink before printing and during the printing also after print. That means the applicant must know well each of these Characteristics what it means and what's the effect of Characteristic in water-based flexo ink as the ink used for print the required designed. Such as viscosity is one of most important Characteristic to detect when you select your type of water based flexo ink before printing, selection of suitable type of ink has accepted required of Characteristic make the printing itself more easy for the operator who doing the printing process because viscosity controlled by the machine printing speed also type of anliox acts very important factor to avoid problems during printing process and suitable viscosity means, recommended viscosity of water based flexo inks for the machine ,it means ,sometime the suitable ink for X machine should be medium viscosity ( around X sec. by Y equipment ) ,if water based flexo ink producer doesn'tconsider this range of required viscosity during producing the water based flexo ink ,many problems will happen during printing if the viscosity of water based flexo ink is higher this range or lower this range that’s why Characteristic of water based ink is very important to know before selecting your ink.

Flexographic printing standardization By ECAT experts  Based on film printing, the flexographic printing started out to conquer the world by this standardization. The corrugated board printing process stands at the beginning of this route.  But the evolution will occur much faster than in other areas because we can make use of the experiences from the already obtained results. The most important parameters and influence quantities are: *Reproduction  *Printing Inks  *Presses *Anilox rollers *Printing plates  *Printing substrates  Reproduction: A flexographic printing plate can never be better than the film from which it is produced. Printing Inks About the inks, we will remember issues such as control of viscosity, missing process colors, etc. Especially the viscosity becomes a secret word in corrugated printing, Because no-one likes using a viscosity cup at the printing machine. Particularly in the half printing, specific minimum viscosities have to be used. To avoid blade streaks, you print ink from 25 sec to 35 sec by ford #4. As important as this is the precise experience about process colors and the pigment content of water-based ink.  Anilox Rollers. The anilox roll is connected to the same problems as the other parameters. So a lot of opinions are available, but these opinions often cannot be transferred from one operator to other. You also have to consider if the user mainly prints solid or halftones. Many machine operators do not know the screen count of the anilox roller, the cell volume or how much ink is transferred. Presses The flexographic direct printing press is the poor relative printing.  In our countries, Most of the today printing units were designed many years ago and they often remind us of stamping aggregates instead of printing units. Did you ever adjust the printing pressure to 10 microns with a handwheel which is used on these presses? With other printing presses, these problems do not arise. Printing Substrate Today the printing substrate is the most important factor for the printing quality. For example, you cannot print a certain motif on a coated paper and afterward, with the same quality, onto a brown kraft liner. Today you have to use only coated paper with high grammage. There are already existing many normal papers which can be printed excellently.